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A High Demand Industry

Generators are in high demand from property managers and homeowners alike looking to improve the value of their real estate investment and keep the power on regardless of environmental conditions. The tricky part for many of them is finding the right generator and seeing that it's properly installed on their property. Because of this, many are left to search for a trusted business that can meet their generator needs. Fortunately, savvy investors looking to partner with a dealer of high-quality generators can satisfy this demand by pursuing a Generator Supercenter franchise opportunity in Albuquerque, New Mexico. By doing so, they are not only taking advantage of a smart investment but also satisfying the generator needs of a local community.

At Generator Supercenter, we take pride in the brand identity that we have built with customers in search of the best home generators available to them. By selling, installing, and repairing an industry-leading brand of generators in Generac, customers will come to trust your generator knowledge and build a sense of brand loyalty. Other customers may already have an established background with generators and know that Generac is the top brand of generator that they should be purchasing. Those customers will be quickly drawn to your Generator Supercenter, as we have opened doors for many of our franchisees by establishing ourselves as the top choice among all Generac dealers in North America!

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A New Generator Business Venture in Albuquerque

Albuquerque and much of the rest of the state of New Mexico have been experiencing a growth in population over the past few years. As new residents have arrived, some are seeking top-quality generator to add to their property to help them adjust to and manage the new climate they now live in and increase the value of their home. With even more new arrivals expected on the horizon as Albuquerque gains further recognition as an emerging market for businesses, there has possibly never been a better time to launch a Generator Supercenter franchise!

The Generator Supercenter franchise business model allows new franchisees like yourself to hit the ground running, regardless of the territory you choose to open your business. Our business practices and recognizable brand name give us a leg up on the competition and establish us as leaders in the generator sales industry. This is proven through our franchisees’ ability to frequently and convincingly outsell nearby competition by a significant margin. Our official partnership with Generac has allowed Generator Supercenter to obtain an 80% market share that directly benefits each franchisee from the moment they open for business. Franchising with a team that has demonstrated time and time again that we can leverage five diverse streams of revenue to achieve the goals of our franchisees is an investment that you’ll be delighted with yourself for making!

What We Look For in Franchise Partners

Unlike other franchisors, Generator Supercenter does not look to franchise exclusively with entrepreneurs who have prior experience in the home generator industry. We’ll help bring you up to speed with training and other resources that will provide years of technical, equipment sales, and installation experience over a much more digestible amount of time. Regardless of your background, a Generator Supercenter franchise gives you a structure that can limit the chances of costly mistakes that plague small businesses and other startup models.

With a Generator Supercenter franchise, our franchisees directly benefit from our established reputation, innovative customer service practices, and industry knowledge. These are some of the very same characteristics that have drawn countless numbers of customers and allowed us to grow into the top option for generator sales, installation, and repair in North America. If you’re searching for the right business venture to pursue next, then franchising with Generator Supercenter in Albuquerque, New Mexico, will likely be what you’re looking for!

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