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A Generator Franchise Opportunity For Birmingham, Alabama

Roll Tide is more than just a college football slogan ... It's what can happen when a hurricane or tropical storm drops several feet of flood water onto the mainland. As a jewel of the south, Birmingham is a hiking and camping destination, with thousands of wooded acres near downtown for those who love the great outdoors. Weather is unpredictable, but generator franchise opportunities in Birmingham, Al, can help provide a reliable power source that can protect lives and property.

And being less than an hour from Talladega SuperSpeedway, those who decide to camp out at the infield of a stock car race rely on portable generators to supply a steady current where they can listen in to what’s going on with their favorite drivers from green flag to yellow flag to the checkered flag. But when you invest in a generator franchise, there’s more at stake than sports and entertainment.

Generator Supercenter is proud to be the nation’s largest Generac dealer. Our showrooms are growing yearly, with franchise opportunities that offer a turnkey solution, combining corporate experience with franchisee training to give our business partners the best of both worlds.

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Birmingham AL Map

Available Showroom Locations

  • Five Points South
  • East Birmingham
  • North Birmingham
  • Avondale
  • Ensley
  • East Lake
  • Crestwood North
  • Bush Hills
  • Belview Heights
  • Lakeview District
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Sweet Home, Alabama!

Following 2020 Census data, the population of Birmingham has leveled off at approximately 200,000 citizens. But it’s not as dire a situation as most may think. Birmingham has a vibrant local economy of small business owners who receive support from the local community. With Generator Supercenter, we can help you learn how to open a home generator franchise.

Birmingham is also an area that supports businesses within its borders. With local municipalities unable to provide adequate lighting, many residents are looking for a solution that can power street lights at a fraction of the price that local utilities charge. Call it “Southern Engineering” at its finest, but that’s the entrepreneurial spirit of those left to their own devices.

Overall, the 2020 estimated population of Alabama ranked at 5,024,279 people—1,146,765 of whom live in rural areas. However, the USDA Rural Community Development Initiative Grants in Alabama were authorized in 2022. This initiative helps to support economic development projects that address gaps in the electrical grid and provide residential or commercial solutions toward standby power needs.

Reasons to Invest with Us in a Birmingham-Based Home Generator Franchise

According to the Alabama State Energy Profile from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, “Total electricity consumption per capita in Alabama is the fifth-highest in the nation. Per capita, electricity use in the residential sector ranks third, due in part to the high demand for air conditioning in the hot summer months and the widespread use of electric heating in the winter.”

This demand for electricity in Birmingham is high year-round, with sporadic outages reported weekly by Alabama Power. While most outages affect only a small number of residents per instance, the cumulative effect demonstrates the need for standby power as a backup option to state and municipal resources.

With a Generator Supercenter generator, when power loss is detected, power is transferred through the automatic transfer switch—which seamlessly restores power without any noticeable disruption. And between situations, our skilled technicians and electricians provide at-request maintenance services to ensure customers are never left in the dark and we meet their repair needs.

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An Investment that Gives Your Customers True Power

Generator Supercenter’s open territory approach can help identify ideal locations to start your generator franchise business. As of July 2022, the Birmingham, Alabama, area is seeking to launch its flagship Generator Supercenter showroom. It's clear to us that our established business and customer service models can help you open your doors with confidence and authority, along with training and support from our headquarters that can position you for success with an incredible home generator franchise opportunity.
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