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A Great Business Model for ‘The Great Outdoors’

In the Pacific Northwest, reliable power is necessary during the cold winter. While recent Census data shows a noticeable migration toward the larger cities, approximately one in three Idahoans—including residents of Boise and other cities in the “Treasure Valley”—is part of Idaho’s rural community. As the largest city in Idaho, Boise represents an excellent opportunity to capitalize on the growing need for reliable standby power with a home generator franchise.

Generator Supercenter can position you to develop your business and provide valuable utility service in a fast-growing and untapped market. Much like the Boise State Broncos, we’re a city that doesn’t compromise—all we do is overcome the obstacles to keep winning. Overall, Idaho has been the fastest-growing state in the US for five consecutive years, with no signs of slowing down. Bisected by the Boise River, the area is famous for rafting and fishing.

Boise, ID is a city of innovation where the residents uphold traditional practices yet embrace new ways of doing things. By opening a Generator Supercenter showroom and home services franchise in the Boise area, you can help accomplish both ideals and help ensure that if the lights go out, Boise area residents are covered.

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Available Showroom Locations

  • Downtown

  • Basque Block

  • Winstead Park

  • South Boise Village

  • East End

  • North End
  • Central Rim
  • West Valley
  • Central Bench
  • Sherman Hollow
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Why Start a Standby Energy Franchise in Boise with Us?

Set in the Rocky Mountains foothills, Boise is an outdoors person's paradise, with mountainous landscapes, wilderness areas, and outdoor recreation within a few hour's drive. And over the years, camping has evolved from firepits and ghost stories to GPS, smartphones, the internet, and sophisticated recreational vehicles. All of which require portable electricity.

Beyond the leisure aspect, the weather in Boise can fluctuate to extremes, with hot weather during the summer and extreme cold and snowy weather during most of the winter. Whether living in an urban or rural area, it’s essential to have your power plant in the event of unexpected grid failure. A reliable source of power can help improve a bad situation through scenarios that include:

  • Life-dependent medical devices that fail due to lack of electricity
  • The inability to prepare food due to power failure
  • Washed-out roads or bridges that make certain areas inaccessible
  • Communication devices that lose access to up-to-date emergency information due to power failures

Recently, Boise has revealed itself as a hip and trendy location, with a burgeoning arts scene that sets it apart from other Pacific NW locales. Boise franchise opportunities include standby power that can help fuel this cultural renaissance as restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and museums realize the value of standby power to keep business booming. At the same time, the competition sits in the dark.

Our Home Generators 'Generate' Standby Power that’s Available 24/7

Generator Supercenter offers many services, including sales, 24-hour maintenance, emergency repair, expert consultation, manufacturer-certified technicians, state-of-the-art facilities, and a fleet of service vehicles ready to respond to unexpected situations. Our mission is threefold:

  1. We look to maintain customer satisfaction
  2. Serve as a contributing partner with our suppliers
  3. Nurture employees through professional development opportunities that we offer

From the initial consultation to the final installation, Generator Supercenter is there to meet the needs of your community. We train our franchise partners to understand the nuances of consumer engagement in the power distribution industry. Most of the time, our clients are concerned about the well-being of their families and businesses. It’s our job to assure them of the fidelity we place in each position we perform.

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Generator Supercenter employees working at the warehouse

Bring ‘The Great Outdoors’ into Boise-area Homes

Generator Supercenter is a leader in whole house generators and the #1 seller of top-of-the-line Generac generators. Our service areas include skilled technicians and electricians who provide 24/7 maintenance and support to ensure residents are never left in the dark. Generator Supercenter presents an incredible electrical franchise opportunity that can help you support the Boise community.

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