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Our Electrical Generator Franchise Opportunity Can Help St. Louis Residents Weather the Storms

As the “Gateway to the West,” St. Louis, MO has a rich and storied history, one that helped power American ingenuity from frontier life to modern convenience. A picnic in front of the world-famous arch draws tourists from around the world, but our city has much more to offer besides scenic views. With a climate that can see river floods, thunderstorms, summer heat, and winter snow, the need for standby power provides an opportunity to create an electrical franchise backed by the power and prestige of Generator Supercenter.

Generator Supercenter is one of the top home improvement franchises and the #1 provider of Generac generators—the most trusted industrial-grade standby generator system in North America. Our network of company-owned and franchise affiliates provides installation, maintenance, and repair services, along with 24/7 monitoring systems that automatically transfer power from an alternative source when needed.

St. Louis is a major stop along the Mississippi River. With a history of steam-powered riverboats, vibrant nightlife, and blues music, St. Louis is a city that brings energy to everything it represents. Generator Supercenter helps protect people and property through real-time monitoring that keeps your standby energy system operational as part of the service agreement that we offer to all our clients.

St Louis MO Map

Available Showroom Locations

  • The Hill
  • Central West End
  • Old North
  • Hyde Park
  • Benton Park

  • Dutchtown

  • Grand Center

  • Princeton Heights

Checking the generator control panel

Power to the People of St. Louis!

Ameren Corporation compiles a daily listing of local power outages in St. Louis that can be used to determine the standby power needs of residents and businesses within the community. These statistics highlight the growing demand for St. Louis franchise opportunities that can capitalize upon the current market for power consumption and ensure that homes and businesses are equipped with the means to promote the well-being of the community.

While daily accounts may not represent a large-scale service disruption, the aggregate amount of power outages highlights the degree to which people’s lives are being affected in St. Louis by uneven power distribution.

With Generator Supercenter, emergency power is removed from city and municipal control and placed in the hands of residents, who are free to determine how to allocate electrical resources toward the greater good of their families and businesses.

And when floods or natural disasters occur, St. Louis citizens can count on Generator Supercenter to help provide reliable standby power that allows households and businesses to stay afloat during the most desperate times.

Affordable Renewable Energy with Minimal Downtime

Generator Supercenter offers a turnkey franchise opportunity complete with 60 to 90-day installationthat provides peace of mind for as low as $125 per month, which fits most family budgets. Our franchise model supports residential and commercial installation, maintenance, and repair services at a professional level. We also provide 24/7 monitoring systems that automatically transfer power from an alternative backup source when needed. Real-time monitoring helps keep customer systems operational with minimal downtime and is part of the service agreement we offer to every client. Our commitment to customer service also includes the following:
  • Full maintenance with a 40-point inspection
  • Full-time employees dedicated to equipment maintenance
  • Certified Generac parts
  • Manufacturer-certified technicians
  • VIP Status with Priority Scheduling
  • Discounted rates on service
Checking the home generator
Generator Supercenter Franchise Van

Promoting Clean Energy for the Future

With rising energy costs and gas prices skyrocketing, standby power is the solution many homes and businesses are looking for. Who doesn’t want to save money and reduce our carbon footprint. As a Generator Supercenter franchisee, you can help promote clean energy that will help the next generation thrive and prosper. Generac's PWRcell battery storage system harnesses power from the sun to help reduce electric bills and provide backup power during utility power outages.

It’s a win-win situation for business owners who seek to help the St. Louis community while also positioning your business to take advantage of an electrical franchise opportunity that can create jobs and economic stability.

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