Why Start a Home Services Franchise with Generator Supercenter

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October 7, 2022
Why start a Home Generator Services Franchise with Generator Supercenter

Starting a new business isn’t easy; there are many potential pitfalls to avoid, no matter the industry or your level of experience. But with the Generator Supercenter home services franchise system, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of being a small business owner with the backing and resources of a large, established, and successful company with excellent brand recognition.

We bring almost two decades of experience building our own business and, at the same time, developing, refining, and continually improving our process, systems, training, and support for our franchise owners, allowing them to enjoy an almost unlimited opportunity to serve a large and growing customer base.

If you’ve been debating the merits of starting your own business or even considering the benefits of franchising versus starting from scratch, you’re in the right place: We can reassure you that from the minute you open your doors, you’ll be partnered with the #1 Generac dealer in North America, which carries a lot of weight.

Generator Supercenter is looking to partner with people who are looking to build a business for themselves, their family, and their community – people who are motivated to grow their wealth while providing a set of products and services that are increasingly in demand. 

We’re Part of an In-Demand, Growing, Billion-Dollar Industry

Home generators are in high demand across North America – in 2021, the US generator market size was $4.9B, and it is forecasted to grow to almost $7B by 2028. Why? People increasingly recognize the importance of having a reliable backup for power to their homes or commercial properties due to harsh or fluctuating changes in weather, natural disasters, accidents, and more. They also recognize the increase in value that a whole home generator can bring to their property overall. 

When these people turn to Generator Supercenter – and they do! – they’re not only looking to purchase a generator but are also interested in learning about their options and what’s best for their property, along with installation, warranties, and on-demand and routine maintenance.

Thanks to all of this demand, our diverse service offerings, and our unique showroom experiences, our home services franchise offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to own a piece of this burgeoning industry that comes with multiple revenue streams!

The Valuable Multiple Revenue Streams Our Generators Produce

Our franchisees have access to an unparalleled opportunity to invest in a home services franchise with the built-in opportunity to capitalize on a diverse revenue model. This includes: 

  • Equipment sales
  • Installation
  • Service
  • Warranty
  • GenMonitor Maintenance

Our franchisees are able to “host” a showroom experience in their stores that allows them to demonstrate their expertise in the market and offer a valuable one-on-one conversation with potential customers. These experiences help enhance our overall brand image and also help build customer loyalty in the short and long term. Even better, because we do so much more than just sell the generator, our customers are confident in purchasing our turnkey installation services and our multiple ongoing service options as well. We truly make the process of researching, purchasing, and owning a home generator easy, and customers love us for it.

Home Services Franchise Training and Support 

When you become a part of the Generator Supercenter franchise family, you’ll be in business for yourself, but never by yourself. Just as you’re investing in us, we invest in you – our mutual success is a shared goal. From the minute you make your initial investment, our team is here to help you with comprehensive training and support, regardless of your background and experience in real estate, electrical, or otherwise.

Hands-On Generac Generator Training

Our training in Generac generator sales, service, and maintenance begins with a required three-day session, hosted by Generac staff and experts, that focuses on the generators themselves. This will help you understand the products and their uses, along with basic information about installation and service. 

Anyone. Anytime. Our Commitment to Franchisee Training

At Generator Supercenter, we have a mantra when it comes to training and support: Anyone. Anytime. We put this into practice when new franchisees become a part of our family, and it extends to new team members throughout the duration of our partnership. Our new franchisees and their partners join us for a one-week, comprehensive training at our headquarters in Tomball, TX, which covers a range of topics, including:

  • Generator Supercenter franchise overview
  • Generator Sales and marketing
  • Technology
  • Financials
  • Operations

We know that learning and support never stop. And we’re committed to ensuring that our franchisees are set up for success from the very beginning and all along the way. 

To learn more about Generator Supercenter and our franchise opportunity in Generac generator sales, service, and maintenance, please contact us today.

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