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Generator Supercenter offers a unique opportunity to enter a growing market that appeals to both residential and commercial customers.

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Our Franchise Training and Support Are Key to Your Success

Generator Supercenter offers a unique opportunity to enter a rapidly emerging market that appeals to both residential and commercial customers – to the tune of a projected $6.98B in 2028 from $4.9B in 2021. As a franchisee, your investment goes much further than a physical building and establishing your own business. It’s a long-term investment in your community, and to give you a solid foundation, we offer a comprehensive home generator franchise training and support program that sets you and your team up for success.

As we begin this partnership, our goal is a shared endeavor. Once you’ve made your initial investment and become a franchise partner, you’ll benefit right out of the gate from our instant brand recognition, established franchise model, and excellent reputation for customer service. But most important is laying a foundation for you and your team by participating in our comprehensive training and support, whether you have experience in real estate, an electrical background, or no industry experience at all.

We Provide a Franchise Training Program That Includes Our System and Partners

As the #1 Generac dealer in North America, we are able to provide peace of mind for our customers with home generators. We understand how important it is for our franchisees to be able to talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to Generac’s products, and we have created a comprehensive training program that starts as soon as our paperwork is signed and continues into your grand opening and straight through ongoing availability and anytime, anywhere approach. And we follow up with new-hire and team member training that’s specific to their department, be it sales, installation, service, or warranties.

And to give you added peace of mind and demonstrate our commitment to your success, we review every job electronically for the first year of operation for all of our partners and provide ongoing support with site visits, conferences, professional development, and personal outreach to help ensure our growth. So, what does this training look like?

Generac training

This required three-day training, hosted by Generac expert staff, focuses on the generator products themselves, along with basic and increasingly specific information about installation and service:

Turnkey installation

  • Designing installations
  • Lead calculations
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing/fuel
  • Foundations
  • Codes and permitting
  • Sub-contracting
  • Project management
Service and Maintenance
  • Remote monitoring
  • Standard maintenance
  • Service repairs
  • Warranty claims

We also provide one week of required in-house generator franchise training

with our team in Tomball, TX, which provides you with hands-on, real-world experience in our system, including:
Electrical Overview

GSC Franchise Overview

Designing installations
Lead calculations
Codes and permitting
Project management

Sales Marketing Circle

Sales and Marketing

Market introduction
Joint marketing
Sales process

Financials Circle


Job costing
Third-party resources
for accounting, etc.


Licenses and insurance
Legal and contracts


Anyone. Anytime.
Our Training Demonstrates
Our Commitment to Learning

Our ongoing franchise training and support represents our awareness that training never stops. At GSC, we refer to this as: Anyone. Anytime. and it’s not just a mantra. It means that regardless of job function or title, our franchisees can send any member of their team – technical staff or otherwise – to us at any time for training in their department or the overall system.

Whenever your location needs support, we have you covered. Whether it’s assistance with office management or field operations, our Franchise Development team can provide you with the technical expertise to manage, operate, and staff your business with authority. All it takes is a week’s advance notice and some office coordination, and your team members will be in our capable hands for hands-on, detailed training at no additional cost to you!

At Generator Supercenter, we believe the best possible investment we can make to ensure growth, support partners, and continue to grow our brand is simple: An investment in people. While our system, process, and technology certainly play a role in our success, the truth is that our demonstrated commitment to the development of people is what makes our brand special.

Our Development Team has years of experience helping franchisees acclimate toward successful entrepreneurship. Our training format is modular, adaptable, and flexible to fit your needs. And with our established business model, you can hit the ground running with advertising, marketing, and sales support that will uplift your business and help you prosper and capitalize on your venture.

We Go Beyond Traditional Franchise Training and Support with Our Valuable Resources

Generator Supercenter offers a turnkey opportunity to partner with an established brand that is a market leader in our field. From logos and branding, local social media capabilities, our robust home generator franchise training program, and more, we provide ongoing support that goes well beyond the basics. Maintenance, permitting, locations, physical structures, field ops—we stand by your side and provide support: Anyone. Anytime.

Competitive analysis in your local market – We’ll support the process of researching and understanding your local market and competitive landscape.
Site selection and development – With our competitive analysis and demographic research and understanding of your requirements, we’ll help you create a shortlist of the best possible locations for your business.
Marketing – Our corporate marketing team works across media platforms to generate national campaigns and promote our brand and partnerships.
Generac logo
Generator Supercenter franchise network – Our regional GMs and network of franchisees are valuable sources of support, insight, and guidance for lessons learned and best practices.
Operations – Our corporate operations team bolsters all these efforts in a centralized function, and they’re always available to our franchisees and their staff.
Senior management – Our veteran, experienced leadership team takes a hands-on approach and is committed to working closely to support the success of each franchisee.
As we continue from our position of strength in the industry, we invite you to be a part of our future. Together, you will find we can continue to build an excellent reputation and dominate the generator industry.
If you're ready to take the next step, contact us today, or reach out if you have any questions.
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