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Issac Merenfeld

Isaac Merenfeld

GSC of Miami-Dade and Broward FL

My name is Isaac Merenfeld and I own the Generator Supercenter franchises for Miami-Dade and Broward counties in South Florida. During Hurricane Irma, me and my family spend a couple of days in the hotel, and when we came back home we found out that we didn't have any power and that lasted for 23 days. At that same time, I got an email from Generator Supercenter about the franchise opportunity and I decided to check them out. I was very impressed by the amount of knowledge and the way that they had synthesized everything that is required in the standby generator power business. Everything from their sales organization to their installation process, it attracted me very much. I think that the franchise model for Generator Supercenter is the result of many years of experience. It cuts on the learning curve dramatically. This franchise has provided security for my family and the family of our employees. To our clients, it provides the safety knowing that they have power 24/7.

Dan Miller

Dan Miller

GSC of Wilmington NC

I'm Dan Miller with Generator Supercenter of Wilmington. What attracted me to Generator Supercenter was the fact that they were able to come in and kind of give me a turnkey solution that I could get out to the market. They also gave me some structure on how to build the franchise up, the marketing, the storefront, things like that customers would be able to relate to quicker. The positive thing about when you work with a franchise like Generator Supercenter is that you're getting to support that you need. So when I come up with a daily problem there's somebody there to answer the phone. So many times people start companies on their own or they don't work with a make a phone call and you'll get a callback. That helps us mostly in the industry that we're working with.

Robert Remler

Rober Remler

GSC of Savannah Georgia

My name is Rober Remler, I'm here in Savannah Georgia, I own Generator Supercenter of Savannah. I have been looking for franchises for a while, but after living through two hurricanes with prolonged blackouts and using a gas-powered portable generator to power my home, I saw the need for backup automatic generator technology. Generator Supercenter was the #1 dealer in Generac generators, so it was a lot to be gained from teaming with people that were you know already leaders in the industry. Also, it didn't really know a lot about this industry and I didn't want to have to learn everything from scratch. They had a model that was working and I was wanting to join in and have people that would support me and then they will need to get the business off the ground and so far that's worked very well.

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