How to Open a Generator Franchise with Us - In 5 Simple Steps

We’re proud of the simplicity and transparency we have built into the process for how to open a generator franchise within our system. We work within YOUR timeline – we can go as quickly or slowly through the steps as you’d like – the ultimate goal of the process is to ensure you have all your questions answered about our generators and the products and services we offer and that we agree to a mutual fit.

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Step 1: Initial inquiry and information exchange.

During this initial conversation, you will speak with a leader from our Franchise Development team and can ask any initial questions you might have about our brand, the opportunity, and our home services franchise requirements. We will send you an NDA (nondisclosure agreement) to sign and return, as well as a Franchise Evaluation document to complete and return.
  • Action item: Review, sign, and return NDA
  • Action item: Complete and return Franchise Evaluation form
Step 2

Step 2: Follow-up call, FDD overview, and references.

During this second call, you’ll speak again with our Franchise Development team to answer more detailed questions you might have about our opportunity, your potential territory, or any other topic. Upon your approval as a franchise candidate, we will share our FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document).

  • Action item: Review FDD, make notes, and prepare your questions for the next call
  • Action item: Due diligence with existing franchisees

Step 3: Set up a Discovery Day.

During this conversation, we will answer any outstanding questions you have about our franchise opportunity and any details about the FDD before you sign it. We will also set up two potential dates for you to join us in Tomball, TX, for a Discovery Day.
  • Action item: Sign and return FDD before the Discovery Day
  • Action item: Pack your bags in preparation for Discovery Day!
Step 4

Step 4: Discovery Day.
Let's become acquainted!

This is your opportunity to come to our headquarters and meet our executive team and other members of our franchise family. You’ll hear from our leadership about how Generator Supercenter began, what we’re doing now, and our long-term vision for the brand and our system. We’ll get to know each other a little better, face to face, and make our final decision together on your role as our next franchisee.

  • Action item: Travel to and from Tomball, TX, and soak in tons of information
  • Action item: Make your final decision to move forward as a franchisee!

Step 5: Sign your Franchise Agreement and fund your investment.

Once we’ve decided to go ahead with our agreement together and your documents are signed, we will be off to the races – you’ll officially be part of the Generator Supercenter family, and we’ll get down to brass tacks with an introduction to our operations team, accompanied with a complete checklist to help open your GSC business the most efficient way.

Just like our goal to provide peace of mind for our customers, we also know the importance of providing peace of mind to our potential partners to ensure we’re all in agreement on a go-forward strategy and that we’re aligned from the minute you join the Generator Supercenter family.

If you’d like more information about the process for becoming a Generator Supercenter franchisee or how to open a home generator franchise in general, please contact us today.Start the Process Today
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