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GenMonitoring Has Revolutionized Our Business

Unless you are trained and experienced in dealing with generators, it can be difficult to determine when they need maintenance. Unlike other appliances and machines, they are usually out of sight. Too often, you will only realize your generator needs servicing when it is too late. 

At Generator Supercenter, we take that responsibility off your shoulders. Our GenMonitor Maintenance Program is our online management and global monitoring system that allows us to track the health of your generator. It gives us real-status reports and alerts us to any potential issues so we can respond quickly.

Reduce Payroll

We've simplified the catalog of generators by focusing on the top-performing models from Generac, making operations simple and efficient.

Keep Assets Organized

The system of offering the top-performing Generac generators is easy for the customers to digest, and optimizes staff training.

Revenue Generating

This simple system is easy to understand and consistently profitable with set retail prices, inventory management, and training.

Assistance & Diagnostics at the Touch of a Button

Our GenMonitor gives customers control of their generator and allows them to take full advantage of their unit. For a low monthly fee, you can enjoy the reliability and convenience of our system.

  • Routine maintenance on generator and switch

  • Ability for remote diagnostics

  • 24/7 monitoring by our experts

  • Ability to respond to an issue quickly

Plus laptop device

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