With the increase in power outages, there’s a demand for uninterrupted power supply and efficient backup systems for many residential, commercial, and industrial property owners. 

The global generator industry market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5.8% by 2029, bringing the value to $42.29B. 

Ironically, power availability is often taken for granted in developed countries. In North America, for instance, the lack of technological improvements and load-carrying capacity results in frequent power failures and fluctuations. Additionally, more challenges like natural and environmental occurrences affect the aging infrastructures – causing unexpected outages more often. 

We cannot emphasize the importance of power availability enough! The lack of adequate and reliable power supply is highly inconvenient, affects productivity, and can be life-threatening. With more property owners taking power back into their hands, the generator industry is seeing incredible growth – making it the suitable investment for you, and Generator Supercenter is here to help you break into the market! 


The Power of Investing with Generator Supercenter 

Investing in a generator franchise comes with many benefits, like providing an essential service that residents of your community are looking for and entering an emerging market with instant brand-name recognition associated with quality and reliability. 

Generator Supercenter’s winning investment opportunity offers a diversified revenue model that entrusts franchisees to provide multiple technical, sales, installation, warranty, and on-demand routine services. By investing with us, you’ll be a representative of our trusted brand. Our training and support resources will equip you with the tools you need to run your Generac business successfully, including industry tips and tricks! 

The Cost of Investing with Us 

Like any other business, investing in a franchise like Generator Supercenter requires spending money to get you up and running. The great news is that our investment and fee structures are easy to understand. 

Below is a breakdown of our costs: 

Franchise Fees

Owning a Generator SuperCenter franchise involves paying a franchise fee of $50,000, which covers the cost of being part of the franchise group. Look at it as your rite of passage to get a piece of the cake so you can have the privilege to operate the franchise using the franchisor’s brand name and get the training and support you will need to ensure your business succeeds. If you’re a veteran, you qualify for a 5% discount on the franchise fees. 

Franchise Liquid Capital On-Hand

When you consider investing in a franchise, you must know your liquidity. Having access to liquid capital on-hand usually refers to the immediate access you have, as a franchisee, to determine your ability to invest in a new business opportunity like a franchise. It involves the money you have in your primary savings and checking accounts or money you have invested that you can cash out quickly. 

As a potential Generator SuperCenter franchisee, a $250,000 franchise liquid capital is required to start your business successfully.  

Franchisee Net Worth

Most franchisors provide both net worth and liquid capital requirements so you can understand the financial position you need to open a location successfully. With a Generator SuperCenter franchise, your net worth should be $1,500,000. This amount doesn’t have to be paid directly to the franchisor; it is usually an assessment of the financial support a thriving new site needs.

Working Capital

Working capital measures a franchise’s ability to cover future costs. With $434,950 – $858,250 (which is inclusive of the $100,000) working capital, you will be able to quickly pay your bills and debts in the coming months. 

These funds are to meet your short-term obligations and operating expenses. You can pay your employees and suppliers with a positive balance and meet other commitments like taxes and interest payments should you experience cash flow challenges. 

Royalty Fee

A royalty fee is an ongoing fee that you will pay to Generator SuperCenter. This fee goes towards supporting and maintaining your business as a franchisee – to maintain and grow the collective franchise. 

From your gross revenues for sales of equipment and installations, you will only contribute 4% and 6% on maintenance, options, and services. Royalty fees typically range from 5% – 9%, which makes our percentage less in the franchising industry, giving you value for your money! 

We pride ourselves in creating customers for life. The brand’s success is attributed to our franchise owners’ dedication, who put their customers’ needs first and continuously exceed expectations! 

If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity that comes with significant demand for generators from a loyal base of customers? Contact our team today because the generator industry is the right investment for you, and we’re happy to get you started!