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If you’ve been considering joining the high-demand home services industry, you should consider becoming a generator dealer with Generator Supercenter.

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Whole House Generator Power…To the People!

Unexpected power outages can be more than just an inconvenience—they cost time, money, and productivity. They can also be life-threatening for individuals who rely on a steady current for medical purposes, as well as lives disrupted by extreme heat or cold following an outage. Whether as the result of inclement weather, rolling blackouts, or a multi-state grid failure, people are buying whole-house generators at an increasing rate.

And it’s not just because generators are reliable. Homeowners are also looking for qualified technicians who can provide installation and technical support. That’s why a home services franchise with Generator Supercenter (GSC) can help you provide an essential service that residents of your community are looking for.

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Generator Supercenter is the #1 seller of Generac generators, and this allows you to enter this emerging market with instant brand-name recognition that is associated with quality and reliability. People know our brand name and trust the brand products that we offer. Generator sales are part of a growing industry that appeals to both the public and private sectors.  By becoming a Generator Supercenter home services franchise partner, you can benefit from our impeccable reputation, established business model, customer service network, and proven experience in the power supply industry.

A Home Generator Franchise Model That Can Help You Generate Sales

Partnering with Generator Supercenter offers many benefits, and as a franchisee, you’ll have access to resources that are unparalleled in the industry. As a GSC franchisee, you’ll have the chance to diversify your profitability through five independent streams of revenue:

  1. Equipment Sales
  2. Installation
  3. Service
  4. Warranty
  5. GenMonitor Maintenance

These five revenue streams provide our franchisees with an opportunity to experience the independence of business ownership without assuming 100% of the risks alone. GSC provides years of technical, sales, and installation experience.  

Our franchise model equips you with the systems and resources you need to begin operations from day one as an expert in the field—without the costly mistakes that you would encounter as a startup. We have tested methods and techniques that have sustained us as the leader in the industry, and provide the tools you need to build a successful generator business that focuses on installation, sales, and equipment repair!

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In both service and selection, Generator Supercenter offers much more to residential homeowners than can be found at the big box stores or online shopping conglomerates. We specialize in reliable standby power generation that meets the needs of a wide range of residential and small business clients, creating customers for life.

Showroom Experience

Our whole-home energy-efficient generators come in a variety of sizes to get the job done based on each customer’s needs. Thanks to our standout showroom experience, customers will find a friendly, well-maintained atmosphere that’s more of an educational experience than it is a high-pressure sales pitch.

Multiple Location Ownership

The advantages of a Generator Supercenter franchise operation outweigh any potential barriers to entry. By partnering with a well known brand, you’ll discover opportunities to either become your own boss as a single-site franchisee or expand your portfolio with multiple locations.

An Excellent Brand

Through Generator Supercenter, franchise partners are part of our corporate and consumer culture of excellence. Generac is a highly respected brand in the home generator industry, and as an official Generac dealer, you can explore avenues of financial success that can position you as a trusted brand and energy provider in ways that include:

  • Brand name recognition
  • Manufacturer discounts
  • National retail partnerships
  • Training on sales, installation, and repair
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Sales and marketing resources
  • Accounting, infrastructure, and operational support

Franchise Support to Help Build Your Business

Starting a business certainly requires an up-front investment. But when you engage a top home improvement franchise opportunity, the costs — and risks — are shared between franchisor and franchisee. Our generators are top-of-the-line units that offer power from a few days to weeks after a power outage. Skilled technicians and electricians work quickly to ensure that client properties are covered.


Creating Customers for Life

When we do a job well done, it helps us to create customers for life, and that is one of the most important contributing elements to our success. That’s our belief, and that’s what motivates us to exceed expectations. We implement the most cutting-edge technology to help run your GSC franchise and link available resources from the main office to every storefront and eCommerce site.

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Investing in People

At Generator Supercenter, we invest in people as well as our business infrastructure. Without a capable workforce, we wouldn’t have the capacity to become an industry leader and #1 seller of Generac generators.

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