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Generator Supercenter Franchise
December 5, 2022
franchise training and support

Starting a business isn’t easy! Approximately 50% of small businesses fail within five years. However, investing in a franchise like Generator Supercenter sets you up for success with the comprehensive franchise training and support offered.

Due to the aging infrastructure, faulty transmission and distribution systems, and harsh weather conditions, US power outages have doubled in the past two decades. By owning a Generator Supercenter franchise, you are providing peace of mind for families and businesses trying to prevent any inconveniences associated with outages. You’re also leveraging a unique opportunity in a rapidly emerging market, which is a powerful move for any investor! Here’s what you can expect from our franchise training and support. 

Our Three-Day Comprehensive Training 

Having a solid foundation for your generator business will allow you to operate smoothly and successfully. We believe that training never stops, that’s why our mantra is “Anyone. Anytime”, which means you can send any member of your team to us for training. 

Our team of experts hosts the three-day comprehensive training on generator products, including the in-depth information you need about generator installation and services. By the end of the three days, you will be knowledgeable about turnkey installations, services, and maintenance. 

The Turnkey Installations involve:

  • Design installations
  • Lead calculations
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing/fuel
  • Foundations
  • Codes and permitting
  • Sub-contracting
  • Project Management

The Service and Maintenance involve:

  • Remote monitoring
  • Service repairs
  • Project management 
  • Warranty claims

Our In-House Generator Training

Our Tomball, TX, team will provide you with a one-week in-house generator franchise training that will give you hands-on, real-world experience in our system. This will provide an overview of the Generator Supercenter franchise, sales and marketing, financials, and operations. 

The Generator Supercenter Franchise Overview 

  • Installations designs 
  • Lead calculations
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing/fuel
  • Foundations
  • Codes and permitting
  • Sub-contracting
  • Project management

Sales and Marketing 

  • Advertising
  • Market introduction
  • Joint marketing
  • Sales process
  • Estimating


  • Job costing
  • Budgets
  • Third-party resources for accounting, etc.
  • Commissions
  • Royalties


  • Administrative
  • Licenses and insurance
  • Legal and contracts
  • Staffing/HR

Our Ongoing Support and Resources Help Power Your Business 

In addition to the extensive training you and your team receive, we will electronically screen each job during the first year of your operations to ensure your growth. You’ll also benefit from our ongoing support that involves site visits, professional development, conferences, and outreach programs. As a demonstration of our commitment to your success, here’s what you can expect: 

  • Competitive analysis in your local market: We’ll assist you with conducting a competitive audit so you can understand your local market. 
  • Site selection and development: With our competitive analysis and demographic research, and understanding of your requirements, we’ll help you create a shortlist of the best possible locations for your generator business.
  • Marketing: We have a corporate marketing team that works across media platforms to generate national campaigns and promote our brand and partnerships.
  • Our franchise network: As a Generator Supercenter franchisee, you benefit from the valuable support, guidance, and insights from our regional GMs and network of franchisees so you can learn about the industry’s best practices.
  • Operations: Our corporate operations team bolsters all these efforts in a centralized function, and they’ll always be available to help you and your staff.
  • Senior management: We have an experienced leadership team that will work closely with you to support the success of your franchise. 

To differentiate ourselves from the rest of the generator market, we dedicate ourselves to building customer trust and relationships, focusing on innovation, and creating exceptional showroom experiences. Our franchisees benefit from our competitive advantages by providing extensive training, technical support, access to marketing and advertising materials, an established online presence, and the knowledge to run a Generator Supercenter franchise successfully. 

At Generator Supercenter, we care about entrepreneurs like you who are looking for profitable business opportunities. Our flexible, comprehensive training and support program is designed to teach you everything you need to know about running a Generac business. Even with little to no technical experience, you can rest assured that we will be with you every step of the way!

If you are looking for a franchise that comes with significant demand from a loyal base of customers, contact our team today to learn more about how a Generator Supercenter could be the right choice for you!

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