It is without a doubt that many residential and commercial property owners have taken it upon themselves to prevent the inconvenience caused by power outages resulting from inclement weather, rolling blackouts, or multi-state grid failures. The increased demand for power alternatives in the US has created franchise opportunities for prospective entrepreneurs and investors. So, what’s the difference between an electrical, solar, and generator franchise opportunity, and which is better?


What Is the Difference Between the Three? 

Generator Franchise Opportunities

Generator franchise opportunities

A generator franchise opportunities is an essential business specializing in the sales, installation, and maintenance services for backup generators for homes and businesses. When there’s a power interruption, generators can detect the outage and automatically kick in and supply much-needed power to keep a home or business operating (with some limitations) until the electricity is restored.

Electrical Franchise Opportunities

Generator franchise opportunities - Electrician testing for voltage in a fuse box

Whereas, an electrical franchise typically provides electrical services to homes or businesses, such as installing, repairing, or maintaining electrical systems. This can include services such as wiring, lighting, panel upgrades, and other electrical work. Most states require the local franchisee business to have a certified electrical contractor on staff who is licensed in the state.  Becoming a licensed electrician can be a rewarding career, but takes 4-5 years to complete.  

Solar Franchise Opportunities

Generator franchise opportunities - Installation of solar panels on the roof of a house

A solar franchise business model focuses on providing the franchisee with the necessary tools to sell and install solar energy systems with the goal of expanding the franchisor’s reach and market share in the solar energy industry. Unlike the generator and electrical franchise opportunities, solar power sales are almost always 100% financed because the costs run well over $30,000 to install for most homeowners.  Solar installation done responsibly also requires new homeowners insurance policy protection for roofing integrity because most roofing warranties are voided by the solar installation process.  Although solar is a renewable energy source that produces no emissions, the majority of installations do not serve as a backup form of energy during a power outage. 

Why Customers Invest in Our Backup Power

Unexpected power outages are more than just an inconvenience. They cost money and time and also affect productivity. Residential and commercial customers alike invest in backup power as a preventative measure for the unexpected because it provides the peace of mind that critical systems remain operational during outages or emergencies. When you take advantage of generator franchise opportunities like those offered by Generator Supercenter, you’ll be part of a larger network of franchisees who can provide essential backup power to customers during what can often end up being a crippling outage. As a backup power supplier, here are four reasons why your customers will rely on your services:  

Why You Should Consider the Generator Supercenter Franchise Opportunity

Our Generator Supercenter franchise opportunities benefit our franchise partners in more ways than one. From our impeccable reputation, established business model, customer service network, and proven experience in the power supply industry, you’ll also get access to resources that are unparalleled in the industry!  

We’re the #1 Generac dealer in North America: our franchisees pride themselves in supplying reliable power generation that meets the needs of their residential and commercial clients – creating customers for life! As an established brand, we’re just as committed to your investment. Our goal is to maximize your chances of succeeding as a Generator Supercenter franchise owner by providing:

The Ideal Candidate for Our Unique Opportunity

Partnering with the leading Generac dealer doesn’t require generator experience. With limited to no technical skills and expertise, you’ll still be able to run a successful business because we’ll teach you everything you need to know about becoming a Generator Supercenter franchisee. However, to qualify, you’ll need to have: 

If you are an entrepreneur considering joining an emerging high-demand home services industry market, we encourage you to join us in becoming a generator dealer with Generator Supercenter: our tried-and-tested business model is designed to set you up for success!

Don’t hesitate to contact our team today to learn more about our generator franchise opportunities, and we’ll be happy to help you get started on a new business venture.