Are you looking for a business opportunity that will enable you to protect your local community from the inconvenience of unexpected power outages? If so, you should invest in a generator franchise. As natural disasters become more frequent and severe due to climate change, multi-state grid failure, and faulty transmission and distribution lines, Americans are subjected to longer and sometimes life-threatening blackouts. 


According to the US Energy Information Administration’s annual power report, the average electric utilities customer experienced seven hours and 20 minutes without power in 2021, stemming from significant weather events like hurricanes, snowstorms, and wildfires. 

Infrastructure service maintenance (or a lack thereof) is a major concern for businesses and homeowners nationally, spiking an increase in demand for alternative power sources like generators as they seek qualified technicians who can provide installation and technical support. Here are a few reasons why investing with Generator Supercenter is a smart business decision. 

You’re Investing in a Growing Industry

The global generator sales market is growing exponentially. Estimated at $22.90B in 2022, the industry is expected to grow to $28.62B in 2026. Due to increasing power outages, property owners are putting preventative measures in place to own and control the power to their homes and businesses. 

We’re the Nation’s #1 Generac Dealer

As the #1 Generac dealer in the country, our excellent brand recognition brings customers to our doors when they want to purchase generators, meaning you won’t struggle to build your customer base. Another advantage of investing with us is that you’ll be backed by our years of franchising experience, exceptional training, ongoing support, industry expertise, and so much more! 

We’re Invested in Helping our Partners Succeed

At Generator Supercenter, we are committed to investing in our franchise owners by offering the best training and support to them and their employees. Our partnership works both ways, as the best-trained franchise partners are critical to our brand’s success. 

To demonstrate our commitment to the development of people, we’re dedicated to our “Anyone. Anytime.” mantra that’s reflected in providing training to our franchise partners and their employees, technical or otherwise, at any time. To qualify for our complimentary additional training, we require scheduling a week in advance.

Our Franchise Model Has the Power to Help You Generate Sales

Our franchise model has many benefits, and diversifying your profitability through our five revenue streams is one of them, providing our franchisees with an opportunity to independently own a business without assuming 100% of the risks alone. 

We equip you with the resources and systems needed to begin operations, along with the guidance and help of our operations team, to prevent costly mistakes you could encounter as a start-up. Our tried and tested methods have positioned us as the industry’s trusted leader, making it possible to help you get started and run a successful generator business. To increase your revenue stream, you’ll specialize in the following services: 

Our Generator Business Offers So Much More!

In addition to partnering with the #1 Generac dealer in North America, you’ll be offering more to your customers than can be found with other businesses – thus giving your customers the peace of mind that their homes are protected against unexpected power outages. 

Our franchisees offer showroom experiences to educate their customers on our whole-home energy-efficient generators that come in various sizes to suit their different needs. 

You’ll also have an opportunity to either become your own boss as a single-site franchisee or to build out your market, increase your earning potential, and expand your portfolio as a multi-location owner. 

As an official Generator Supercenter dealer, you’re positioned as a trusted brand and energy provider in ways that include:

There are many Generac dealers to choose from, but to stand out from the rest – Generator Supercenter is your best bet! We are a highly respected brand in the home generator industry, and our franchisees get a headstart against competitors as we provide them with the necessary training, ongoing support, skills, and resources to set them up for financial success!

Why not join a generator franchise that comes with significant demand from a loyal base of customers? Contact our team today to learn more about how a Generator Supercenter could be the right choice for you!