If you’d like to start a business that caters to residential homeowners, investing in a franchise like Generator Supercenter is an excellent home services franchise choice, and for many reasons. Since 2020, home values have skyrocketed as the pandemic drove a sea-change in remote work, and a new-found demand for lasting residential home improvements has followed.

This creates new opportunities for new home services businesses that offer quality services tailored to meet homeowners’ needs, from property repair and maintenance to home improvement and renovation services. 

As North America’s #1 Generac Dealer and a company that specializes in home generator services, Generator Supercenter provides residential whole-house back-up power generators of high quality and durability. By partnering with Generator Supercenter, you can rest assured that you’re starting a reputable home services franchise of your own.

Below are a few reasons why we’re considered a top home generator franchise and why you should consider investing with Generator Supercenter. 


We Provide Essential Services by Offering Generac Generators Power Solutions 

At Generator Supercenter, we provide backup power solutions to residential homes by selling, installing, servicing, and monitoring Generac generators. In cases of power outages or other emergencies, our generators provide homeowners with a reliable source of electricity. 

As weather events become more severe across the country, and as homes have become more valuable, having a backup generator has become increasingly attractive to homeowners. Whole home generators are particularly beneficial for the elderly, families with small children, and people with medical conditions who rely on consistent power.

Not to mention those of us who simply wish to avoid the horrible inconveniences like rotting food and insufficient lighting or climate control. 

We Drive Growth in the Housing Industry

Home services businesses play a crucial role in fostering the expansion of the housing industry by ensuring homes are adequately maintained and in excellent condition. The market for home services is projected to reach a substantial size of $1.2T by 2026, with a remarkable compound annual growth rate of 35.81%. This impressive expansion rate presents our investment opportunity as an exceptionally profitable business venture.

Our Home Services Franchise Model Is Designed to Offer Multiple Revenue Streams

Our franchise model offers numerous advantages, one of which includes diversifying your earnings through our five distinct revenue streams. Our proven strategies have established us as a reliable leader in the industry, enabling you to run and manage a thriving generator business. To maximize your income potential, you will specialize in the following:

Furthermore, you’ll assure your customers that their homes are secure from unanticipated power outages and that their generators are well-maintained to protect them as long as possible. 

We Provide Top-Notch Training and Support

At Generator Supercenter, our guiding principle regarding training and support is simple: Anyone. Anytime. This implies that irrespective of the role or position; you’ll have the flexibility to supply any team member – be it technical staff or others – with training in their specific department or the system as a whole. We embody this approach when welcoming new franchisees into our family, and it continues throughout our partnership. 

Our expert team conducts an extensive three-day training program on generator products, covering all the detailed information necessary for generator installation and services. Upon completing the three days, you will possess in-depth knowledge about turnkey installations, services, and maintenance.

The Turnkey Installations encompass:

The Service and Maintenance aspects include:

Moreover, our new franchisees and their partners also participate in our week-long, in-depth training session at our headquarters in Tomball, TX. This program covers various subjects, such as:

With over a decade of experience in the industry, we have built a strong brand reputation for delivering excellent service to our customers. Our franchise opportunity allows you to invest in a niche market with high demand and limited competition. 

Our commitment to innovation and staying ahead of trends in the generator market will ensure your business remains competitive and relevant in the ever-evolving energy landscape. Seize this opportunity to become a part of a thriving industry and positively impact the lives of countless customers who rely on dependable generator power solutions! 

Why not join the top home generator franchise with the #1 Generac dealer? Contact our team today to learn more about how a Generator Supercenter house generator franchise could be the right choice for you!