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Generator Supercenter, the #1 Generac dealer in North America, offers a rewarding generator franchise opportunity for qualified investors to join our family and an emerging market.

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Our Generator Franchise Opportunity

Generator Supercenter, the #1 Generac dealer in North America, offers a rewarding generator franchise opportunity for qualified investors to join our family and an emerging market. With an investment in our company, you will be able to provide peace of mind for families and businesses seeking to take more control of the power to their properties. So, why us, and why now? The US generator sales market size was $4.9B in 2021, and that number is forecasted to grow to $6.9B by 2028. This is due in large part to:

Generator Franchise Opportunity - GSC staff inspecting the Generac generator
GSC technician installing the generator

Couple this with still-increasing real estate values, booming home sales, the virtually recession-resistant nature of investment in home improvements, and the home improvement industry overall, and you can see the potential that our home services franchise opportunity offers.

Generator Supercenter franchise owners provide a standout, industry-changing showroom experience to families and businesses in North America looking to take back the power to their properties. These showrooms set the stage for an incredible opportunity to be a part of the #1 Generac dealer in North America, leading to a business opportunity with multiple revenue streams in an industry that’s in high demand.

Generator Supercenter franchisees get access to a diversified revenue-generation model that includes:

Equipment Sales

Equipment Sales







GenMonitor Maintenance

GenMonitor Maintenance

Our Strengths and Support Resources Differentiate Us from Other Home Services Franchise Opportunities

Generator Supercenter is one of the most recognized names in the generator business. We have earned a reputation for quality and reliability. Our dedication to building consumer trust combined with our rich heritage of growth, innovation, and achievement differentiates us from the rest of the generator market. In addition to our rich relationship with Generac and our outstanding showroom experiences, we offer many competitive advantages, key retail partnerships, business processes, and training and support that mean there is no experience required to become a successful franchisee.

Competitive Advantages

  • Joint partnerships and references
  • Successful sales process and training
  • Marketing and advertising materials
  • Support line for technical issues
  • Established online presence
  • Exceptional showroom experience

Key Retail Partnerships

When you take advantage of our generator franchise opportunity and join our system, you immediately become part of our family and a member of the #1 generator dealer in North America, which means doors are open in a way they simply couldn’t be whether you start your own business from scratch or join another franchise organization. To deepen franchisee opportunities to grow their own businesses, Generator Supercenter is focused on driving leads through:

  • Partnership opportunities with natural gas and propane providers
  • Current programs in place with nationwide retailers
  • The manufacturers of the equipment and materials
  • Home-builder partnerships and references
Generator Franchise Opportunity - GSC Staff with Franchisee
Generac parts installation

Comprehensive Training and Business Management Processes

Our comprehensive training and support sets our franchisees up for success before they even open their doors – when we say no experience required, we mean it. We also know that the sales and installation process is an integral part of the success of your business. The Generator Supercenter management system enables you to manage business facets like:

  • Fast, professional, and accurate estimates
  • Integrated marketing and follow-up CRM
  • Inventory management and control
  • Parts and labor guides
  • Tracking and managing the financial portion of installation in field service manager

Our Mission Statement Speaks for Itself

Generator Supercenter's mission truly says it all:

To joyfully provide comfort and peace of mind for our customers. To be an outstanding partner to our suppliers. To change the lives of our team members by giving direction, respect, and the opportunity for financial growth. To think and act in alignment with our creator.

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We are The Standby Power People®

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