3 Ways How Our Marketing Model Helps Your Generator Franchise

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May 26, 2023
How Our Marketing Model Helps Your Generator Franchise

Standby generators are in high demand, especially in today's age, where adverse weather events and unreliable power sources plague homeowners and business owners alike. Owning a generator franchise means you'll need marketing services that integrate traditional and modern marketing methods, including digital marketing, to achieve business goals focused on providing home services.

Effective marketing can foster a positive customer experience that promotes repeat business and generates favorable reviews and referrals. For a generator business, this can be achieved through various means, such as delivering exceptional service, offering maintenance and warranty plans, and cultivating customer relationships through targeted marketing campaigns.

Although most companies selling, installing, and maintaining backup generators struggle to effectively promote their services to a broad audience in a way that boosts brand recognition and generates a significant return on investment, partnering with Generator Supercenter increases your chances of success, as our residential home services marketing strategies are tailored to support the growth of your generator franchise.

Below are three ways our proven home services marketing model helps your business.

You’ll Leverage the Power of Our Strong Brand Identity

Traditional marketing aims to help you develop a strong brand identity that differentiates your franchise from competitors and conveys trustworthiness and expertise in the generator industry. This can be achieved through consistent messaging and other branding strategies.

As the #1 Generac dealer in North America, Generator Supercenter has a strong brand identity that you’ll quickly benefit from as a franchisee. With our established experience and expertise in the energy industry, you'll enjoy a better chance of success than starting a new business from scratch. Our franchise opportunity also enables rapid expansion, reduces risk, and provides access to operational support - making it an attractive option for entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their businesses.

We’ll Help Identify Your Target Audience

Identifying your target audience and understanding their preferences, needs, and behaviors is crucial to developing effective marketing strategies for home services because it allows for the creation of campaigns that truly resonate with your ideal customers.

At Generator Supercenter, we have a well-established competitive local market analysis process designed to help you research and understand your target audience and identify the competition. We take care of the details so you can focus on getting your generator franchise up and running to help residential and commercial property owners stay prepared for unplanned outages! 

We’ll Help You Create Effective Marketing Campaigns

Using our tried and tested marketing model, you can create effective marketing campaigns by selecting the most appropriate channels, such as social media, email marketing, and local advertising, and tailor your messaging to appeal to your target audience.

At Generator Supercenter, we understand the importance of effective marketing for our franchisees; that's why our corporate marketing team is on standby to help you generate national campaigns that promote the brand, your business, and your partnerships.

We also offer efficient support and resources through our regional GMs and our network of franchisees, who can provide valuable insight into best practices in advertising, market introduction, joint marketing, and sales processes.

We’ll Offer You Extensive Training and Ongoing Support

As we embark on this partnership, our mutual goal is to ensure success. Once you’ve made your initial investment and become a franchise partner, you will immediately benefit from our brand recognition, established franchise model, and reputation for excellent customer service. 

The most crucial aspect is laying a solid foundation for you and your team through our comprehensive training and support program - regardless of whether you have experience in real estate, a background in electrical work, or no industry experience at all. Our program will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed!

As a brand, we understand that the sales and installation process is critical to your business's success; that's why our Generator Supercenter management system enables you to oversee crucial facets of doing business, such as: 

  • Generating fast, professional, and accurate estimates
  • Accessing a CRM system that supports integrated marketing
  • Managing and controlling inventory 
  • Accessing parts and labor guides
  • And much more!

Our experienced leadership team takes a hands-on approach and is dedicated to working closely with each franchisee to support their growth. Our home services marketing model is designed to build a sustainable business that attracts and retains customers through effective marketing strategies and exceptional service.

Contact our team today to learn more about our proven home generator services marketing model! 

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