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Learn More About Our Generator Franchise Cost and Supercenter Investment

When you make the decision to become a small business owner, you need to be prepared to make an investment of your time, resources, and money. When you make an investment in Generator Supercenter and pay the generator franchise costs, you’ll be a step closer to your goals thanks to our proven franchise model and everything our system provides.

Taking advantage of our offering means you’ll have our years of franchising experience behind you, along with industry expertise, instant brand recognition, exceptional training and ongoing support, and so much more. Here are the important costs to factor into your decision:

Generator Franchise Opportunity - GSC staff inspecting the Generac generator
Franchisee Net Worth$1,500,000
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Franchisee Liquid Capital On-Hand$250,000
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Franchise Fee$50,000
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Veteran Discount of the franchisee fee5% off
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Includes $100,000 for working capital$434,950 - $858,250
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This investment range includes a royalty fee of 4%Includes a royalty fee of 4% of gross revenues for sales of equipment and installations, 6% on maintenance, options, and services
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Our Generator Supercenter Franchise Cost and Investment

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Invest in a Growing Industry

The generator industry in North America represented $4.9B in 2021, in large part because of aging power grids and the effects of natural and environmental occurrences. As a result, property owners are increasingly interested in owning and controlling the power to their homes and businesses. This has created a lucrative market for whole-home residential generators, and we are here to provide peace of mind to our customers.

As the nation’s #1 Generac dealer, we have a coveted position as the dealer of choice with excellent brand recognition when people look to research and purchase their generators. Even better, our franchise system is built to create a unique opportunity to be a part of this industry, own your slice of the generator market, and meet consumer demand, building customers for life.

What You Get for Your Home Generator Franchise Cost and Investment

We’re proud to genuinely say that we make an investment in you when you invest in us. We are committed to our franchise owners, and we’ve been thoughtfully growing our operations division to focus on growing our infrastructure to support our franchisees. Wondering if you’ll get a bang for your buck in return for those home services franchise costs? In addition to franchising with the #1 Generac dealer in North America, here’s just a sample of what you get for your investment:

  • Brand-name recognition
  • An exclusive territory to sell, install, repair, and maintain generators
  • Systems and tools
  • Buying power and special offers
  • Successful sales processes and training
  • Marketing and advertising materials
  • Hands-on training at our facility and at your location
  • Software to manage your projects and service
  • 1-800 number for admin, sales, and technical support
  • Established web presence with optimized area
  • Five streams of diversified income (sales, service, and warranties
  • Job review
  • GSC Franchise Dealer Council with Generac
  • Anyone. Anytime
  • Power Play Generac-produced leads
  • In-home financing with our vendor
  • Line of credit with our vendor for generator purchases

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