The Five Essential Steps on How to Open a Contractor Business

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September 12, 2023
best contractor businesses to start

Are you looking to embark on a new entrepreneurial journey and wondering how to open a contractor business?

Consider partnering with Generator Supercenter, a leading player in the generator industry, and start your contractor franchise on a solid foundation.

Why Is Generator Supercenter One of the Best Contractor Businesses to Start? 

Did you know that 50% of new businesses fail within the first five years? It's a staggering statistic that highlights the challenges and risks involved in starting a new venture. However, joining a franchise can provide several advantages that increase the chances of success.

Franchises offer a supportive framework that significantly mitigates the risks associated with starting a business from scratch, offering potential investors a greater likelihood of achieving their entrepreneurial goals and weathering the challenging early years.

Investing in a Generator Supercenter comes with various benefits, such as: 

  • An Established Brand and Reputation: Becoming a Generator Supercenter investor offers the advantage of aligning with a well-known brand boasting a solid reputation. With customers more inclined to trust recognized brands over startups, you can benefit from quicker customer acquisition and revenue generation.
  • A Proven Business Model: At Generator Supercenter, we operate based on a proven business model that has been refined and tested over time. This reduces the risk of failure compared to starting a business from scratch.

    Our franchisees have access to a successful framework, including standardized processes, marketing strategies, and operational guidelines.
  • Comprehensive Training and Support: When you join the #1 Generac Dealer in North America, you'll receive extensive training, ongoing support, and valuable resources that will provide you with a head start in the backup power market.

    Our unwavering commitment to your success is evident in our Anyone. Anytime. mantra, and our experienced team is dedicated to guiding you through any challenges you may encounter throughout your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Multiple Revenue Streams: Our franchise model offers five distinct revenue streams, allowing you to maximize your income potential, so you can capitalize on various customer needs, ensuring strong and sustainable business growth.

Our Five-Step Franchising Process

Here’s a guideline outlining the Generator Supercenter franchising process:

1. Initial Inquiry and Follow-Up

To make an informed decision about pursuing a franchise opportunity with Generator Supercenter, gathering and reviewing relevant information is essential. Contact our Franchise Development team leaders to ask initial questions about our brand, opportunity, and franchise requirements.

Once satisfied, you'll exchange information, including the non-disclosure agreement and Franchise Evaluation document.

Following your initial inquiry, expect a follow-up call from our Franchise Development team. During this call, you can inquire about franchising costs, available territories, and our resources. 

2. The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Overview

The FDD is an important document that includes detailed information about the following:

  • Franchise fees, ongoing royalties, advertising costs, and related expenses tied to operating the Generator Supercenter franchise
  • The franchisor's financial track record, including historical financial data and projected future performance
  • The franchisor's background, business experience, litigation history, and bankruptcy records
  • Any constraints or limitations affecting your business operations, including exclusivity of territory

We recommend engaging a lawyer to thoroughly review the FDD before signing the franchise agreement. This step will ensure you fully understand the financial commitment and operational responsibilities of running a Generator Supercenter franchise.

3. The Follow-Up Call and References

During this follow-up call, you'll engage with our dedicated Franchise Development team again. Whether you're seeking clarification on specific operational processes or exploring how our opportunity fits your unique goals, this second call serves as a platform to ensure that all your detailed questions are thoroughly addressed and clarified.

4. Attend the Discovery Day

Discovery Day is a vital step in the franchise process, serving as your last chance to get all your questions answered before committing. It marks the end of the pre-sales journey and offers an opportunity to gain deeper insights into the generator industry you're entering.

During this phase, you'll visit our headquarters in Tomball, TX, where you'll meet our executive team and other Generac franchise members. This is your final chance to seek clarity on any remaining inquiries, discuss FDD details, and ultimately finalize the franchise agreement.

5. Sign Your Franchise Agreement 

The last stage of joining the leaders of the pack in the generator industry involves signing the franchise agreement and funding your new business. Once you become a part of the Generator Supercenter family, the next steps in the franchise process will be managed for you. 

We initiate this phase by introducing you to our operations team and providing a comprehensive checklist designed to streamline the opening of your Generator Supercenter business most efficiently.

If you're serious about opening a contractor business, why not consider partnering with a powerhouse franchise?

With Generator Supercenter by your side, we'll support you every step of the way, making the process seamless and hassle-free so you can focus on your passion while we take care of the rest!

Contact our team today to learn more about how a Generator Supercenter could be your right choice!

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